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Character under pressure —

What will your character do when things go wrong? Let’s say you already made us care about this character by showing us the person doing something he/she is good at, or giving generously from the heart, or being kind to someone that most people spurn, or petting the dog. Now put that character in adverse circumstances. And then, increase the pressure, compound the problem, tighten the screws, make ‘em squirm.

Look to your own experiences, or to those of people you know, to decide what the complications might be. Be sure to fictionalize the details so that real people would not recognize themselves. That could save you headaches later.

By introducing a progression of anxieties and discomforts, you keep the tension building. Even more, you show us the mettle of this character, her/his courage in the face of defeat, defiant resistance, capacity for patience, ability to tolerate human foibles, trust in the unseen.

Provide an opportunity for the reader to root for the character. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised at what you can manage.


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