Writing in my head

I’d like to say I write for hours every day. It’s mostly true, but the words might not be going into the Word document, or result in graphite particles on paper. That’s because I am writing, rewriting, and telling stories to myself in my head.

Some contemplation is important to the writing process. For some of us, it’s necessary to uncouple from the cell phone / radio / TV / laptop / iPad, or whatever you’ve got that causes you some kind of technological stress at times. I don’t suggest we get rid of those tools; they are crucial to modern life to the extent that we allow them to be. A day without the internet is a strange day indeed. But if you’re like me, you function better if you can step outside the system, even for an hour, and take a walk, maybe find some shells at the shore.


Writing in the head is a poor excuse, however, for getting the job actually done. Writing in the head is its own reward but I’m counting on this: Sooner or later, I will sit down and all these words will come pouring out. A plot complication that had defied me — now I can resolve it. It’s as though that time away from the devices was an incubation period for an incompletely formed idea. And that will be so satisfying, to see it written out. And then, my favorite part of all — the rewrite.


Manna is everywhere!

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