Write for yourself

A good reason to write is just to know what will happen next! Maybe you can’t wait to sit down and start tapping the keys because vivid characters, unexpected events, complicated plots, and powerful emotions are gonna FLOW. The sky will light up!

October sunset ACDibble photo 2013

You can write for yourself, to entertain yourself. Yours could be a complicated book, with deep characters that change over time as a result of their experiences and interactions with others. Your characters could make mistakes, even huge mistakes, and then have to figure out a way to claw back to some sense of rightness. Characters may have to endure a lot, but they may gain much in return.

By writing for yourself, you free up your creativity. Set aside any ties to the outcome, and instead enjoy the process. If you find yourself thinking, “but will this sell?”, then replace that thought with a constructive pursuit. Example: “Now what could happen here that the reader would not see coming?” — then do some brainstorming about unexpected turns in your plot.

You may have to go back in and set up for the unexpected twist, but that’s part of the fun.

Manna is everywhere!

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