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Let’s say you are well along in getting your suspense story written. You’ve got the bedrock in place! It’s time to check back and get serious about rewrites. Here are some reminders about aspects you want to try to avoid:

LONG PASSAGES IN WHICH NOTHING HAPPENS — get rid of those! or spice them up with dialog, insert some surprising reactions that must be explained later but perhaps much later.

CLICHES — unless your character talks in cliches, then see if you can do without these. See blog Beware the Cliche.

DREAM SEQUENCES — or, too many dream sequences (maybe one is OK) (all right, have some dream sequences, but keep that main character off balance, right?)

ELABORATE COINCIDENCES — unless you want to just hit us over the head with the coincidence and that’s central to the story.

WRITING THAT IS ARTIFICAL SOUNDING — Keep it plain and simple. On the other hand, write for yourself, please yourself. I like Stephen King’s book, On Writing, for clear help on how to just write it out without the fancy stuff that might distract the reader from the story itself.

INATTENTION TO POINT OF VIEW — be quite strict with yourself about this. See more at blog post titled In whose head are we?  Remain alert to point of view, as you can use it to good effect.

You can probably think of more! This is just to get you started.

Manna is everywhere!

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