Release! A Skeptic’s Luck

How it feels to release the novel, six hours later:

um . . .

Or, as blogger-friends might say, “crickets”.

It’s like tossing a message in a bottle off a b-i-g cliff.


But the internet is a voluminous and liquid place, with millions of readers seeking something to enjoy, a good read to take to the beach, or to relieve the tedium of the car repair waiting room. A book that would make a lovely gift.

Someone will find the bottle, read the message. And then — a world awaits between the pages.

100 per cent FICTION! Believe it.

Now — Go forth book, and entertain.

A Skeptic’s Luck, by A. D. Morel

Manna is everywhere!

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One comment on “Release! A Skeptic’s Luck
  1. pread says:

    Read A Sceptic’s Luck this weekend. It’s a well crafted first novel, suspenseful and descriptive, and I connected with the characters – looking forward to finding out what happens to them next!

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