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Pick a topic. It’s not so important to “write what you know”, but “write what you want!”, and let it be something you care deeply about. Choose a situation based on raw emotion and  explore that — through your fiction writing — as a way to process relationships and events in your life.

If you are still drawing a blank about a topic, try this writing prompt.

Imagine that you are walking along a beautiful shore with your best buddy. Somehow the conversation gets onto a wrong track, and you say a hurtful thing that you didn’t mean, that isn’t even true.  You can’t un-say it but you wish you could.

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Let your character try to explain it, apologize, rant still further, or whatever you hear in your head.

The act of writing up such a situation, and fictionalizing it, can help wash a real situation clean. You might find yourself more hopeful, or better able to laugh at yourself after taking your experience and working it into a story.

Remember to change the names of the people and places. Let it be fiction, not a diary.

Now go and try the exercise and see where you get. Then come back and let’s visit some more.


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