Can’t not write

An invented world that the writer creates could become available for the reader to dwell within for a short time.


The first person to populate that world is no other than the writer her- or himself. It’s a compelling world, in the writer’s head throughout the day, sometimes reluctantly pushed to the background by work at hand. It’s a bright place. No, a dark place. Or a dark place that becomes bright! The invented world becomes a habit. The writer is drawn to return there from the distractions of real life. It’s an escape, a refuge, a secret.

To obtain the most intense expression of this fiction world, write and rewrite over and over. The inventor explores the details, changes the colors on the canvas, rearranges the furniture, proposes characters, events and interactions. Set up a new conflict. Ratchet up the stakes.

Some of these alterations might make it into the final version but the writer is allowed freedom from that expectation during the process. It’s an intellectual pleasure to putter among the story elements and see how new combinations react to each other.

Sharing that world will come much later. For the time being, world-creation is a personal delight. It’s not about word count for the day, or deadlines, but about how far can you get in world-building before you have to go cook dinner? It’s not a problem about impediments, blockage or being stuck because you . . .



— Manna is Everywhere! –

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