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What to NOT do

Let’s say you are well along in getting your suspense story written. You’ve got the bedrock in place! It’s time to check back and get serious about rewrites. Here are some reminders about aspects you want to try to avoid:

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Keep the pages turning

While we may be writing (mostly) for ourselves, suspense fiction is met with expectation on the part of the reader. Most readers are unaware of the underpinnings, but the writer is acutely conscious that the pages MUST turn, or all

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Beware the cliche

Your writing muscles may be lean and strong, yet there is a need to constantly guard against the cliche. What is a cliche? A phrase or expression heard in everyday speech to summarize a condition — it is popularly understood,

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Tweaks and re-tweaks

Rewriting can be thrilling — You got far enough with your piece that you are ready to show it to someone. STOP! Now it’s time to rewrite, again and again. This is the honing process, the polishing and finishing. Until

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Desperate for a reader

Should you ask your friend to read your work? — You might be writing just for yourself. That’s good. Writing is such a highly entertaining activity, and you can become engrossed in your own story so that the time goes

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