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If the reader does not turn the page, then ALL IS LOST. The book didn’t work for that reader, didn’t hook her/him. That’s a tragedy for the writer, and maybe even for the reader because it is an opportunity missed.

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Setting up for reader satisfaction

What could be better than to deeply satisfy the reader of your story? Here are some ideas for how to achieve that. PICK OUT A FEW GREAT MODELS — you probably know books that you found to be particularly enjoyable

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Write for yourself

A good reason to write is just to know what will happen next! Maybe you can’t wait to sit down and start tapping the keys because vivid characters, unexpected events, complicated plots, and powerful emotions are gonna FLOW. The sky

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Ten tips for writing a story

1. Keep it simple — at first! Decide what you’re going to write about, and just write it out. Like the crest of the wave tipping over and churning as the wall of water moves forward. 2. Add stressors —

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Your writing — “Vote” your choice.

Choose ONE, which ONE fits you best? Writing my life story — as fiction Trying to be invisible to the reader Creating an alternate reality Exploring plot twists Developing memorable characters Taking my reader on an adventure of the mind

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Getting started

Not fussy, not yet anyway — You may have an urge to tell a story. Only you can tell that story. Just start in writing it down. Or, if you don’t know what to write about, look at our post

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Pick a topic

Write what you want! —   Pick a topic. It’s not so important to “write what you know”, but “write what you want!”, and let it be something you care deeply about. Choose a situation based on raw emotion and 

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