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Digging into the research

Let’s say there’s an aspect of your story that hinges upon some technicality that is beyond your knowledge. It could be a scene that moves the plot forward, or some backstory that is vital to character development. Whatever that is,

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Setting up for reader satisfaction

What could be better than to deeply satisfy the reader of your story? Here are some ideas for how to achieve that. PICK OUT A FEW GREAT MODELS — you probably know books that you found to be particularly enjoyable

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Writing in my head

I’d like to say I write for hours every day. It’s mostly true, but the words might not be going into the Word document, or result in graphite particles on paper. That’s because I am writing, rewriting, and telling stories

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Write for yourself

A good reason to write is just to know what will happen next! Maybe you can’t wait to sit down and start tapping the keys because vivid characters, unexpected events, complicated plots, and powerful emotions are gonna FLOW. The sky

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“We need to talk,” he said

A reader’s eye catches on a quotation markĀ  —   Dialog helps connect the reader to the story. It’s a familiar element in popular contemporary fiction, and expected in storytelling. By developing your skills in writing dialog, you assure that

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Getting a character to there from here

Evolution of a character — We see that some of the most enduring stories feature a character that goes through changes. At the beginning of the story the character has a certain perspective. Think of Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge in Charles

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