Writer Manna


Manna — think of it as ideas for creative writing.

If you are a fiction reader –

  • with a story to tell,
  • ready for adventure in writing,
  • who needs a little shoring up,

. . . you can find practical tools and encouragement here.

These posts are for any story teller who is looking for vivid new ways to reach out to the reader.

Try some of the writing prompts. Time spent writing simply slips away. Insomniacs, this is a worthwhile pursuit.

During the Exodus the Israelites went out each morning to gather manna in the desert. Likewise, we will scour the terrain for manna in the form of story ideas and shape these into art. Or even, a page-turner.

As we will see  — Manna is everywhere!


NEW!  An Unruly Pawn by A. D. Morel, launched at Betsy’s Sunflower (Brooklin, ME), Oct 19 2014.

Paperback $16.95, ebook $3.99. href=”http://indieauthorwarehouse.com/?page_id=34″>CLICK to order from Indie Author Warehouse. Or ask your local bookseller or library to order through www.maineauthorspublishing.com, email orders@maineauthorspublishing.com, Tel. 207 594-0091.

Also available on Amazon.

An Unruly Pawn by A. D. Morel_cover_R

A. D. Morel participated in a discussion panel with Roger M. Woodbury, author of The Mists of Adriana, at the Camden Public Library in Camden, Maine (July 15, 2014) — How to keep the story moving! and other behind-the-scenes aspects of writing suspense fiction.

A. D. Morel was a guest of Ellie O’Leary on the radio program WRITERS FORUM.

Hour-long recording available: Writers Forum podcast 13 Feb 2014 (WERU 89.9 FM)

Features world premier performance of original song by Alison Dibble, “Love, Come Back”, see p. 250 in A Skeptic’s Luck.

A writing sample is Chapter One of a literary suspense novel, it could inspire you.

A Skeptic’s Luck

by A. D. Morel.

Cover art for A Skeptic's Luck


Maine book stores:
Longfellow Books (Portland, ME)
Betsy’s Sunflower (Brooklin, ME)
BookStacks (Bucksport, ME)
Blue Hill Books (Blue Hill, ME)
Bookmarcs Bookstore (downtown Bangor, ME)
The Grasshopper Shop (downtown Ellsworth, ME)
The Sleighbell Shoppe and Lobster Crate, Rte 175, Blue Hill, ME
The Periwinkle Shop, 8 Main St., Deer Isle, ME
Shermans Bookstores

Hawaii book stores:
Talk Story Bookstore (Hanapepe, Kauai, HI)

Order online:
Maine Authors Publishing $16.99

Thank you for supporting Maine authors and local businesses! You can request a special order at your favorite book store.

Also see:
Kindle version of ebook $3.99

A Skeptic’s Luck on Smashwords — all ebook formats $3.99

REVIEWS on Amazon — you can order A Skeptic’s Luck

* * *

A. D. Morel was asked to rate her own book — A Skeptic’s Luck. She said:

“I wrote A Skeptic’s Luck with the idea that a reader in an airport who is engaged in this book might become so distracted that he/she would miss the boarding call, not that I wish that on anyone.

I’d give it five stars because even now, though I’ve re-written, edited, and re-read this book so many times, when I pick it up to check on something, I get re-absorbed in the story all over again and have to make a conscious effort to put it down. I think I’ll read it yet again just for fun.

Here’s why: The characters have been so intensely real to me, I had to keep writing the book just to see what would happen to them! Originally I wrote this book to amuse myself, but after more than a decade I realized it might bring some enjoyment and entertainment to others, that I should not stand in its way. Let the readers decide what they will.

My heart goes out to real people who lost loved ones during 9/11.

Thank you to my Beta Readers, to copyeditor Jane Crosen, and to Maine Authors Publishing Cooperative, Rockland ME.”


A. D. Morel is —

an Amazon Author
Amazon Author Profile

a Goodreads Author
Goodreads — add A Skeptic’s Luck


Contact: aydeemorel at gmail dot com

Text and photos copyright 2014 Anthesis Press. All rights reserved.

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  1. Candee 2100 says:

    A Skeptics Luck was a long awaited read for me! Having a woman botanist’s approach to a novel set the tone for a voice of natural Maine. I was transported from the coast to the Northwoods of Maine through the inquisitive eyes of a mindful, educated and conflicted woman with an adventuresome inquisitive spirit who kept at her life with a dogged persistence. Because it included exciting scenes and personal drama it held my interest and enthusiasm to the end!

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